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iff_u_loved_me in desert_mamushi

(Fic:) PoT: For Sarisia: Because (Epilogue, FujiKai, PG-13)

Title: Because (Epilogue)
Author: iff_u_loved_me
Genre: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: FujiKai
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): PG-13

Disclaimer: belongs to Konomi

Summary: Fuji and Kaidoh became a couple. But what happened before that? What happened when Tezuka found out? Kaidoh feared he would lose Fuji to his captain, but were his fears legitimate?

Word Count: 768

a/n: For [info]sarisiawho inspired me to write FujiKai ^__^  first part is here x-posted to my journal,[info]tenipuri_yaoi, [info]desert_mamushi

Fuji opened his eyes and the world trembled, but all he did was extend his arm to turn off the his beeping cell phone which had awoken him. At least, he that had been his plan until he read the caller ID.

“Kunimitsu?” Fuji took in the novelty of the experience and for once, didn’t bother to hide his surprise.

“Syusuke,” was the polite reply.

“I had no idea you woke up this early,” Fuji commented, smiling. He was willing to wait until Tezuka revealed the reason for this impromptu call.

“Ah, yes. I do.”

A warm arm enclosed around his waist and Fuji thought he’d better wrap whatever this was up. “Ano, Tezuka, was there a reason for calling?”

 “Are you with Kaidoh?” Tezuka asked bluntly.

Fuji squirmed as Kaidoh’s calloused fingers danced dangerously below his stomach.

“Hai. Is that a problem?”

“No, just curious…” Tezuka paused before explaining. “You never stayed the night before.” There was a hint of pain in his captain’s voice but it was overshadowed by surprise.  

“Oh. It's because…” Fuji trailed off.  

"Because?" prompted a curious Tezuka.

"Just because," said Fuji again but this time firmly.

“Because,” Tezuka echoed, feeling a head ache coming on.

“Because,” Fuji answered once more and that was the end of it. Tezuka didn't do pointless conversations.

“Let me talk to him.” His voice booked no room for argument. Fuji was reminded that Tezuka was Tezuka even when hurt.

Gently, Fuji turned to look at the Viper whose eyes were closed. He placed a hand atop of the one on his waist. “Kaidoh, Teuzka wants to talk to you.”  

Viper’s eyes shot open in surprise. “Y-you’re sure?” he said. He took the phone and sat up. Talking into the phone, he said “Buchou?”

“Kaidoh, good morning. Sorry to have woken you two up.”

Kaidoh had never heard his captain say so much. Remembering, though he couldn’t ever really forget, that Tezuka had once been Fuji’s lover, Kaidoh straightened his back a little. At this ungodly hour, Buchou surely couldn’t be as fearsome as he was on court, right? “No, it’s fine.”

“I won't interfere, but I thought you should know; Fuji needs to be protected, even if he doesn’t think so,” Tezuka began. Oh, right. Kaidoh blamed the time for his lapse of judgment; Teuzka was Tezuka no matter what.

“He is not made of glass; he will not break,” Kaidoh objected, then immediately regretted it. No one corrected Tezuka. No one- not even the teachers.

“Oh, that’s not what I meant.” Tezuka’s voice was not unkind, but rather thoughtful. “But I suppose you’ll find out about that later. Good luck.”

Kaidoh had never thought he’d heard his captain sound so cheerful.

“Do you want to talk to Fuji?” Kaidoh asked only out of respect. For some reason, he didn’t want Tezuka and Fuji talking. He was slightly afraid Tezuka would sweep Fuji off his feet once more.

“Oh, that’s not necessary. Enjoy your morning.” A click told him Tezuka had hung up. Kaidoh shook his head, fending off the strange sensation that Tezuka had been smirking.

Kaidoh assumed a pout. “Fssh, why was buchou calling you?”

“You’re impossible, Kaidoh,” Fuji sighed. He owed an explanation; he didn’t want Kaidoh to be insecure. “Tezuka was-“

Kaidoh interrupted him with a fierce kiss. But Fuji kept talking, “Because-“

“Syusuke,” Kaidoh cut him off by the use of his first name. This time Fuji kissed him back with equal passion. They withdrew when they needed to breathe.

“Ma, you’re so cute when you stand up to Tezuka. It’s a real turn on,” Fuji said randomly. Only not so randomly because Fuji never did anything that he hadn’t already predicted the outcome to. But Kaidoh gave in anyway, just to secure his place in the tensai’s, his tensai, life.

“I love you, too.” This prompted a sharp definite grin which squeezed Kaidoh's heart.

“Shall we go out on our first date tonight?” Fuji asked, once again out of the blue, only not really.

“What was last night then?” Kaidoh asked, raising an eyebrow that Fuji thought was dead sexy.  

“That was us having sex and becoming a couple. We haven’t gone out yet; but, if you don’t want to, that’s fine.” Fuji looked away and allowed Kaidoh to see an inkling of what Tezuka had meant before.

Kaidoh knew there was only one answer to that question. The date was a way of finalizing what they were, but it wasn’t really necessary. Because, if truth be told, Kaidoh had given in a long time ago. So he said simply, “Fsssh.”




Nice follow up - I love the holding in bed. Of ocurse the line - "That was us having sex" - yummy!!
thank you for commenting so fast! Thanks for pointing out what you liked- it's helpful :) "That was us having sex" seemed like such a Fuji line ^_^
Very nice continuation.
We are all addicted to them *nods* in a weird sort of way.
Thank you, you brightened up a bad day.
My pleasure - I'm happy the continuation is being so well received. I had originally planned on the "Because...""Because?""Because." conversation to be between Kaidoh and Fuji but this worked out just as well. Suffice to say, I'm pleased with the end result - Happy to brighten your day with a little FujiKai ^___^
Ooh, nice follow up with the jealous Tezuka and a hint of the troubles to come. Oh, and Tezuka! He's such a freakin' weirdo jealous flame for calling that early in the morning just to find out if Fuji's spent the night with him; although, I'd personally thought the question was referencing the relationship, not physical proximity, at first.

Cute with a pleasant aftertaste of angst. Yum!
I'm not sure if jealous!Tezuka was too out of character, but I know he has SOME intense emotion going on under the stoic facade - he hit Ryoma when he didn't obey! *raises eyebrows* Sadly, no one's pointed out how in sync Fuji and Kaidoh are to have almost identical conclusions about Tezuka ie: "Fuji was reminded that Tezuka was Tezuka even when hurt." and "Teuzka was Tezuka no matter what." *sigh* was it too subtle? Also, I was going to put in a whole thing with TezuRyo, where on the other side Ryo wakes up and asks quietly if Tezuka found out what he wanted to know. And Tezuka would sadly not answer. *sigh* But I thought that it would be a bit random ...so for another day, then. Also, I didn't want get into TezuRyo because that would inspire a whole bunch of fics which I don't have time to write... :)Glad you enjoyed your fic ^___^
I did notice the similar lines! I swearz. But it didn't click into syncness until you said so. XD And no, not too subtle. It was perfect as it was.

Perhaps the TezuRyo will have to go into yet another companion fic? Vicious cycles right?
Hmm *contemplates* perhaps if I have time- I'm staying home tomorrow from school...maybe then?
Good luck if you do!
Perfect you say? What a compliment from the FujiKai master herself &__&
( ^-^)
I love subtlety. I like writing that can make people go "=flail= They're so much love, but I'm not sure why" because subconsciously, they read and recognize the in-betweens. It makes my heart happy.

And I definitely got the feeling that Fuji and Kaidoh were 'so married couple'.
you're talking to the subtlety MASTER just kidding but sometimes I say these really funny things that no one understands - well, I suppose not everyone can have the soul mating ability that we do &__&
My next fic will be all about subtlety &___& no one will even get it - not even me ^____^
Very nice ^_^
I really liked Fuji asking for the date, and I liked how you wrote Tezuka.
Thanks for being specific about you liked ^__^ Love the icon by the way - chibi Mamushi gives me a case of the 'awww's
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