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Title: Post-It Notes
Fandom: Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Oujisama
Rating: PG
Characters: Fuji Syuusuke and Kaidoh Kaoru (FujiKai pairing)
Word Count: 876
Theme: Post-It notes again. xD Continuation from the above, Communication.

A slender and pale brunette stretched in the morning light his body framed by the sun coming through the gauze-like curtains. The slight breeze played with the fabric and his hair as content blue eyes came to rest upon the body stretched out beside his own. A loving look came into them as he reclined again this time on his side, beside the sleeping form of his partner. Fuji Syuusuke smiled softly and lay his chin on the other's chest, his hand trailing a slow path down the arm farthest from him. His touch was light enough to tease the sable haired man into wakefulness. While his body was otherwise preoccupied with stroking the smooth skin beneath it he let his mind wander towards the past few days.

His thoughts returned to when he had come home to find Kaidoh packing and how they made up. Fuji's foot ached silently, reminding him that right after Kaidoh had bandaged it up he had been able to convince Kaidoh that they both needed to spend some time together. The younger man deserved his long overdue vacation time and Fuji had so far made it worth the wait. The rest of his body tingled with satisfaction and if one could glow while basking in sunlight, he did. The tensai made a soft sound of alarm at a hand threading its way into his hair and turned his eyes up towards Kaidoh's, locking on instantly. They both smiled, rare for the younger and even rarer for the other to mean such a smile. This was a smile of love, content and relaxed with one another, a smile for only one's other half. Fuji turned his head slightly, kissing the palm of the hand buried in his hair, "Sorry...did I wake you?"

Kaidoh chuckled, the sound vibrating through his chest and into Fuji's. "You woke something else, and that's what woke me." The loving smile on the older man's face morphed into one his opponents on the courts had feared. It could mean good things were coming Kaidoh's way or it could mean something entirely different where this man was concerned.

"Saa...I'm just going to have to take care of that..." Fuji pushed himself up onto all fours, hovering over Kaidoh, "Now won't I?" The younger dare not make a noise when his partner was in this mood, who knew if what he said could condemn him. So instead he just nodded and held back a sigh of relief when Fuji pulled away from him. The tensai was almost confined to the bed, by Kaidoh's orders, until his foot got better or they got the crutches out of storage. As long as Kaidoh was on vacation he didn't see the need for them, he was strong enough to carry Fuji where ever he needed to go for the moment. Slender hands pulled open the drawer on the nightstand and ducked inside, making soft clunking noises as items were moved this way and that.

"Syuusuke...what are you looking for?" The lube was still under a pillow where he had left it and the condoms were somewhere nearby. Kaidoh stiffened slightly as his mind ran towards some of Fuji's more favored toys.

"Shut your eyes. You'll find out." Kaidoh hissed in slight irritation behind him but his trust in the other was renewed and strengthened so he did as bid. Fuji hefted the thick and untouched pad of sticky, yellow notes. The blankets they had kicked to the floor sometime during their restless nights so Fuji was very aware that he had awoken something else before Kaidoh had roused. He smirked a little as he pulled off a yellow paper, "Keep them closed until I say so na?"

A rumble came from the younger's throat in agreement, which was something he really didn't require. He would have gone through with this even if Kaidoh hadn't agreed. Fuji was in the mood for a little fun and if that fun happened to include something sticky yet harmless he couldn't resist. He pulled off a few more and decorated a specific place on Kaidoh's body so it looked like an odd Christmas tree. Glancing up at his face Fuji was pleased with the great confusion he saw and could see him trying to resist opening his eyes. To solve this Fuji put two more sticky notes, the sticky part upside down and below Kaidoh's eyes, blocking his sight. He chuckled as he heard the slight whine in the other's voice as he continued his decorating of Kaidoh's body with whispered touches. "Fuji Syuusuke. If you don't stop whatever you're doing with those blasted things, I'm going to burn them all and pound into you until you can't even think of something like this again."

Ah, what he was looking for, "Well Kaidoh Kaoru, you can go right ahead and do just that." Fuji leaned over him again and kissed him hard, barely resisting when he was flipped over but couldn't help the choked laughter at Kaidoh's reaction to the Post-It notes on his erection. One of the few times he wished he had his camera with him only he knew Kaidoh would kill him for it.


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December 2009



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