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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! It's been a while since I've stopped in here. Wai~ The holiday season has been so busy this year. I hope next year I'll get to see more of our members being active and being more available myself. =D So, here's some drabbles to encourage this.

Titles: Five Vocabulary Drabbles: Varied
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters: mostly Kaidoh-centric, with some FujiKai
Rating: various
Summary: No set universe or time line. No continuity between drabbles. Themed by my Webster's Word of the Day emails. All on or around 100 words each.

|| ad hoc - lit: for this; concerned with a particular end or purpose ||
It was, perhaps, best that Kaidoh didn't let himself get caught in situations like this very often, and it was better, assuredly, that Fuji invariably did not take out his anger on Kaidoh unless he was certain that he could make it good for both of them.

Still, having grip tape around his wrists chafed while he struggled to find a hold on Fuji's sweat-slick shoulders, and he would be sure to keep with him something that might serve Fuji's purpose better in the future.
-84 words

|| mellifluous - having a smooth, rich flow ||
Fuji did not study the language regularly, but could easily find Kaidoh bent over his English books in the library, at bus stops, and on long drives to tennis camps with the words slipping from between his lips as he read. The flow was not always steady, but Fuji found himself slipping right along with those words whenever Kaidoh was sitting behind him on trips - close enough that he could hear them in his ear.

Though Tezuka gave him odd looks whenever this happened, clearly wanting an explanation for the lazy smile that sweetened his face, Fuji never spilled his secret.
-102 words

|| piquant - agreeably stimulating to the palate; especially: spicy ||
Though Kaidoh enjoyed food on principle - because someone had put great effort into the meals he ate at both home and especially at Takashi-san's sushi restaurant - there were few times that he truly enjoyed setting his mouth and throat and the whole of his chest on fire with an obscene amount of wasabi.

The first of which being when he outlasted Momoshiro and eagerly watched the other player snatch at his water glass before reaching for his own, and the second being with Ryoma, same situation.

It was needless to say that any situation involving Fuji and wasabi was never enjoyable.
-102 words

|| ambivalent - simultaneously holding contradictory attitudes or feelings toward someone or something ||
After knowing Fuji and especially after knowing Ryoma, Kaidoh appreciated the fact that he was, first and foremost, a normal, hard-working tennis player. Though the tennis skills he had developed over time afforded him an extraordinary value among his peers and opponents, he was not, in any sense of the word, a prodigy. He was glad to not have to deal with the media's constant presence or the invitations to Grand Slams that made beelines to their hands.

He was glad. Truly.

He just wished that fans would stop asking him for their addresses.
-93 words

|| saccade - a small rapid jerky movement of the eye especially as it jumps from fixation on one point to another ||
Kaidoh had a mouth that was near perfect for kissing - lips that were full and soft against his and a tiny part between that opened at the slightest coaxing. Usually, Fuji could manage at least three good whimpers and a moan from Kaidoh's mouth, but today, the younger player was just a bit unwilling, pushing at his shoulders and murmuring protests. It was with some reluctance that Fuji let him go, and he turned to Tezuka and his twitchy little glances between him and Kaidoh's retreating back.

He shrugged at his friend. Could he help it if Kaidoh didn't like an audience?
-102 words


XDD Oh dear. I loved the Wasabi and last one. <33333
Fufufu~so much love. *wink*
Nfu. ;D
It is very geekish, isn't it? XD Glad you liked, all the same.
My favourites' the last one~ Poor traumatised Tez! *laughs* It's been a while since I last read FujiKai and this is very refreshing!
Tezuka was an irresistable addition to that drabble. =D -salute- Glad to have been of service!
Mellifluous = TEH LOVE. Plus, yeah, poor Tez--and my inner TezuFuji shipper screams I'LL KILL THAT MAMUSHI!!, but these are amazing.

Plus, not geeky at all! Nfu!
-laughs- I like toying with a blur between TezuFuji and FujiKai because it's fun and warping. XD Nfu, indeed. =D
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