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More drabbles

Because apparently moeruze_burning is such an excellent muse that I cannot help but fic ninja her journal with Fuji and Kaidoh drabbles, I realize that I must share each and every one of them with you even though I should be studying for tests.

Why, yes, I am productive, yes?

Title: Embrace
Rating: PG
Summary: Fuji needs a little comfort.

He isn't sure how it happened - deus ex machina or just coincidence - but between Tezuka beating Fuji and then Ryoma shortly after, Kaidoh finds Fuji crying in the stairwell at the far end of the school building.

Fuji doesn't notice him at first, so Kaidoh lingers near the bottom of the stairs - taking in the faintly awed expression, the heavy tracks of tears, and the red, skinned knees. Fuji blinks a few times and glances down to see him. Though Kaidoh had been about to glance away - to give Fuji the opportunity to wipe the tears away as if they'd never been - Fuji's face crumples so quickly into a fresh bout of tears that Kaidoh finds himself climbing up the stairs to cradle his sempai in his arms.

He almost doesn't want to ask what's wrong. He doesn't want to know if Fuji's crying because of some classmate (because he can't do anything about another sempai's actions) or because of home (because he's helpless there too) or because of exam pressures. So, he holds onto his helpless feeling and tries to brace the heavy pulse of Fuji's tears with his palm.

Fuji's arms wrap around him, under his arms and up to his shoulder blades. His fingers curl around Kaidoh's uniform jacket, and Kaidoh can feel Fuji's slight nails digging into the skin.

For a small moment, Kaidoh feels like crying too, because of the pressure he feels. Because Fuji's hands (though he's always thought of them as graceful, narrow things) feel like the claws of an animal that's been forced to hunt too long.

Just when Kaidoh feels the pinprick of heat in his eyes - just when he thinks he's got the reason figured out - Fuji's body slackens in his arms. Fuji's hands are resting against his shoulders, and his back is no longer heaving into the weight of his palms. He sighs and sniffles and bends his head into the crook of Kaidoh's neck.

"Thank you, Kaidoh," Fuji whispers, rough-voiced and softly. "That was exactly what I needed."

As he pulls away and backs a few stairs down, Kaidoh doesn't ask. He thinks he knows, and personally, he'd rather leave such reasons unsaid. Instead: "Next time, sempai, come find me."

Fuji smiles a little, seeming to feel pained at the thought of a next time. "Is sitting in the stairs so pathetic?"

"No," Kaidoh says quickly. "I just thought that... sitting in the stairs might be a bit easier if you weren't alone."

Title: Velvet
Rating: PG
Summary: Looking and touching.

Kaidoh's hair looked oily at first sight. Though Fuji knew logically that it must be sweat from playing tennis under an afternoon sun, he wanted to know for sure.

Raked back with his fingers, Kaidoh's hair let itself slide back around the curve of his ear. It tossed neatly when Kaidoh rose for a dunk smash. Fuji's fingers itched for a touch throughout the game - when it drifted in the air as the bandanna worked free of its knot, when it flipped into Kaidoh's eyes, when it curled past his cheekbone and into his mouth.

The urge stayed with Fuji as Kaidoh threw himself on the bench after the match, satisfied with his win and ready to catch a few moments of shut eye while his heart recovered from its rapid thump-thud-a-thump.

His hair flared across the bench.

Well within Fuji's reach.

Fuji rubbed a lock of it between his forefinger and thumb, but it only felt rough that way. So, gingerly, carefully, he slid his fingers against the heat of Kaidoh's scalp. Kaidoh had scrubbed his hair with a towel before his lie down. Beneath the finest layer of sweat was only soft strands of hair that slid past Fuji's fingers like pure velvet.

Much, much later, Fuji slid his fingers through Kaidoh's hair again - felt cool softness and velvet against his skin - and bent Kaidoh toward him for a kiss.

Title: Challenging
Rating: R
Summary: Ryoma's seen as a challenge. Kaidoh takes it up.

Ryoma's reputation had preceded him like a raging fire. The "prince of tennis," they'd called him, as if he'd been playing tennis from the womb. Kaidoh had disliked him greatly on sight, without needing to know who he was, but had only truly wished to hate him after his loss, after seeing Fuji's intensely interested gaze locked on Ryoma and wanting to yell that there was only room for one prodigy on their team.

"The freshman was a surprise," Fuji said. "I'm glad you didn't get taken out of the Regulars, Kaidoh-kun."

Kaidoh shrugged. "There's no need to worry about it, Fuji-sempai."

"Mm," was the agreement. "Nonetheless, I think we should work on your endurance."

Perking up, Kaidoh turned to look at Fuji. Was this his chance to practice with the teams prodigy? He'd leap for it!

Fuji smiled. "Tomorrow morning, instead of taking your usual route, run directly to school to meet me on the courts."

"Aa," Kaidoh said, inclining his head. "Thank you, Fuji-sempai."


The next day, Kaidoh did precisely as he had been told. He ran from home to school, weaving as quickly as he could through the commuters that waited at bus stops and crosswalks. When he got to school, Fuji was waiting with his racket.

"Ready?" Fuji asked and Kaidoh nodded. "You think so?"

Kaidoh knew in an instant that it wasn't a real match. He shoved aside his irritation with the knowledge that Fuji's actions must be leading up to something.

"Your snake," Fuji reminded after sending the ball to opposite corners.

Afterward, Kaidoh fell to the ground with a huff. He couldn't even gather the energy he wanted to punish his legs for not working properly.

"The real match is now," Fuji told him as he led them to the club house. He pushed Kaidoh against the lockers. "If you want to keep going, you only need to keep standing."

It seemed simple enough.

Until Fuji dropped to his knees and started working Kaidoh's shorts over his hips.

As weak as he was, Kaidoh couldn't react fast enough top stop Fuji from lifting his cock ot his mouth and sucking him in. Immediately his legs began to tremble, but Fuji kept right on working his mouth over Kaidoh's cock

"Ah, wait..." Kaidoh gasped. "Fuji-sempai."

Fuji only hummed. He moved back to suck lightly at Kaidoh's head, moving his tongue over the slit until Kaidoh was pressing down on Fuji's shoulders just to keep standing. He wouldn't risk falling at this point - not a chance.

Kaidoh thought - fleetingly as he struggled to stay upright - that Fuji's hands felt strong. They were on his thighs, like braces to hold him up, and were hot and callused. Fuji had chapped lips, too, that felt like pinpricks along his cock - sharp pains that sent shivers over his weakening body.

"Fuji... Ah, shit, Fuji-sempai! I can't... I'm sorry, I can't... Ah!"

Fuji's mouth swallowed him up - whole, it seemed, because it felt like he was disappearing. Fuji's tongue moved along his length, twice maybe thrice, before he spilled into that wet warmth. Only then, did he let himself fall.

He got a kiss on the corner of his mouth, for his efforts. Kaidoh turned as it happened, captured the full taste of Fuji's lips with his own.

"Next time, I'll last longer," Kaidoh promised, without knowing if he was speaking of his match with Ryoma.

"Practice makes perfect," Fuji returned.


Kaidoh still didn't like Ryoma. He was prickly, arrogant, and a bit boring off the courts. But if Fuji wasn't threatened by him, Kaidoh'd be damned before he'd be threatened by a little shrimp like that.


I loved the first one 'cuz I'm a sucker for stuff like that.

Second one was cute too and the last one very Fuji. XD
=sucker too= I think I'd very much like to have a really angsty FujiKai fic.

Wai, Fuji's naturally evil?
Hm. XD Interesting! I can see it happening.

Nice drabbles
:OSEIHGS:G. CUTE? ./////////////////.


So are you, really. *pinches your cheeks*
Awww, you make me blush! ^/////^ I've been trying to churn out out long angsty fic for FujiKai, but it hasn't been working out.

Oh, for real about the school bit. =wail= I can't wait until Finals are over!
Loved the first and last one. The detail of Fuji's chapped lips was particularly wonderful. :D
I enjoyed that detail as well. ^___^♥
*GIGGLES* I am an awesome muse. : DDDD

*feels accomplished*

And you're an awesome writer. *_________*

AND HEARTS: ♥♥♥♥♥♥


Raise you the Miyavi heart! ♥
I keep promising myselft i won't get into any more pairings for this fandom because i haven't the time, and i keep lying!

skshgsakgh :D; that was so wonderfully IC as well.
There can never be too many pairings! [Care to join? desert_mamushi -/shameless pimp-]

I'm glad you thought it was IC! =phew=
XD pimp away, i'm sold!
=squee= AWESOME. ILU.
Ah, so much love that I can't begin to express it.

<3333 I'll just have to hope you'll understand!
Oh, I understand completely. =hugs= Welcome to the club!

And speaking of clubs - JOIN. desert_mamushi
The power of FujiKai compels you.
-Is totally drawn in-

Absolutely absolutely u_u It's such a shame that there isn't many writers here though :(
It's difficult to encourage this young rare-pair.

There isn't much of anything here, I'm afraid. Not even artists. =pokeprod= Perhaps you could contribute some fanart while you're around. ^___please?___^
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