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Challenge! Help!

Because of some of the comments in the last post I put in this community, I confess that I'm having a bit of the writer's block with a challenge that the most wonderful bloodyapplepi has issued me.

So, I've come to recruit authors/artists to help me.

The challenge? "A short retelling of Little Red Riding Hood." With Fuji as the wolf.

But then, I find these lyrics:
Who's that I see walking in these woods,
why it's little red riding hood!

Hey, there, little red riding hood,
You sure are looking good,
You're everything a big bad wolf could want
Listen to me!

Little red riding hood,
I don't think little big girls should
Go walking in these spooky, old woods alone

What big eyes you have!
The kind of eyes that drive wolves mad
So just to see that you don't get chased
I think I ought to walk with you for a ways

What full lips you have!
They're sure to lure someone bad
So until you get to grandma's place
I think you ought to walk with me and be safe

I'm gonna keep my sheep-suit on
Until I'm sure that you've been shown
That I can be trusted walking with you alone

Little red riding hood
I'd like to hold you if I could
But you might think I'm a big bad wolf so I won't

What I big heart I have
The better to love you with
Little red riding hood
Even bad wolves can be good
I'll try to keep satisfied just to walk close by your side
Maybe you'll see things my way before we get to grandma's place

Little red riding hood
You sure are looking good
You're everything a big bad wolf could want
Owoooooooo! I mean, baaaaaa!(repeat baa to fade)

...and naturally, I wonder what it'd be like for Kaidoh to be the wolf, the one who is wanting and wishing and watching. We all know of Kaidoh as the "sweety-pie" (bloodyapplepi) but what if, when it comes to the things he really cares for (i.e.; things like tennis, his own reputation even ... and Fuji) his true self is that hissing, angry bad boy that lies on the surface?

Ideas? Complaints? Comments? Anyone with an actual plot? Anyone who'd think I'd be better of drawing this than writing it?


XD I don't mind if you switch it to Kaidoh the Big Bad Wolf, because I can honestly see either of them as the wolf. And that song most definitely fits Kaidoh as the wolf. And we all know that Fuji would probably be going to visit Yuuta with a raspberry pie in the basket. XD;;;
Omg, that's such a cute image! (⌒▽⌒)ノ_彡☆バンバン!

I had some good ideas for your challenge, but I keep having to remind myself that it's supposed to be a "short retelling" of the story... and well, the ideas I'd had just don't seem to play with that.
XD Doesn't have to be short if you can't make it short. It was a prompt to make your dead muses wake up.
=P It worked. Also it's seriously worked for uozlulu.
Hehe, great minds! ( ∩_∩)_旦~~

Ooh, please do! I'd be so happy to see what you come up with! ( ^o^)=kiss=3
Ooh, that's a great line. a(^w^)e I love it and it'd be pretty awesome if you did a doujinshi for the challenge. I'm similarly considering doing an art piece for it instead of a fic, as am worst with expressions and so a doujin is beyond my scope.
I don't really have a preference on how I want to read each language, so long as I'm told which way to read the dialogue beforehand. That way, I don't have that awkward, confused moment in which I read the first page in order to decide for myself.

Good luck! ( ^0^)/~~*
ABsolutely! I'd love to see it! ♥ (And thank you!)
So quickly! You're amazing!
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