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bloodyapplepi in desert_mamushi

Last one from me for a while...probably...>>;;;

Title: Invasion
Fandom: Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Oujisama
Rating: G
Characters: Kaidoh Kaoru, Sakurai Ryuu [OC], Fuji Syuusuke (Kaidoh/Sakurai)
Word Count: 1,153
Theme: N/A
A/N: Last of this. This is the prologue, what happened to Kaidoh before he had Fuji. :P [Way before Commnication and Post-It Notes.]

For months Kaidoh had invested his time and his love into one person, a person who he thought was one thing but turned out to be another. Ryuu had come to him his senior year in high school, his senpai-tachi had gone on to college or various careers. Even Momoshiro and Echizen had left him, flowing into different social circles, the tennis court became the only one place they'd meet. And although Kaidoh wasn't one to admit that he was scared he was terribly afraid. A dark-brunette teen about his height had approached him the day he was feeling his worst, his brown eyes sparkled with kindness. He had bent over in front of the seated viper; a great smile on his face that had set him at ease, his voice soothing the irritation from all those annoying people in his classes. "Hey there! The name's Sakurai Ryuu. I just moved here, mind showing me around?"

Kaidoh, at the time, had recoiled and hissed at him earning only a laugh in return. He treated the whole thing like an invasion of privacy though inwardly he was enjoying the attention. After he reluctantly shared his name he also showed this strange new person around the campus. Kaidoh was like a mistreated kitten who had finally found someone to treat him rightly. As it turned out they both shared a love of animals, though Kaidoh was more reluctant to let that particular secret slip. But once out they spent a few afternoons together, once a week to help at a local animal clinic. Gradually Kaidoh had been drawn out of his carefully built shell until at last he was vastly different than any of his friends had known. If they had seen him now they would not recognize their old teammate.

It was a few months after he had been drawn out, they were at a cafe with a few of the friends that Ryuu had made. Their relationship together was sweet and tender, something that he had never known and he cherished Ryuu. But the friends he had drawn were the kind that Kaidoh despised of greatly. Ones who tormented the animals they cared for, ones that stole and beat up innocent people. Yet Ryuu seemed unawares of Kaidoh's unease around the group. A fight between two of the boys had started just before closing about a girl they were both in the midst of chasing. Kaidoh had no clue why the girl was even bothering with either of them but it was none of his concern. Until Ryuu took the side of the better of the two, expecting Kaidoh to back him up. When he took neither side he could see the fury in Ryuu's eyes. He knew there would be a fight, steeled himself for it but didn't know what would come of it.

Later when they were alone again he found he was not truly prepared for the wrath that was let loose. Ryuu screamed and raved calling Kaidoh worthless and not even the effort of loving. His voice was almost hoarse by the time he had gotten to the part forever burned in his mind. This whole relationship from the very beginning had been nothing but a fake. Touching Kaidoh's skin, kissing him, was revolting. But when one was completing revenge those were the steps that were often required to take. Kaidoh had stared at him in shock until Ryuu, no, Sakurai started throwing things at him, yelling for him to leave and never come back. And left he did, his mind and heart still in shock and despair yet his body capable of moving onward. The Viper wandered streets near his own home, not yet wanting to enter that place of memories.

He ran, mostly to keep his mind off of things that had crushed him. When Kaidoh ran, he always concentrated on his breathing, on his rate, on where he was going. It was better than crying in his opinion but the result was much the same, a state of exhaustion so deep that he was numbed. Staggering he stopped in front of a familiar house, with a familiar light. He lifted his eyes towards a familiar form, with its achingly familiar voice. "Kaidoh? Is that you?" It said, "Are you alright?" He must have grunted or something for the voice laughed that familiar laugh but it was soft and friendly. Kaidoh felt hands lift him up, helping him into that warm building. Part of him wanted to stay away and lick his wounds. Yet part of him wanted to desperately stay and tough things out with the help of a familiar face. He hissed, the first in many months, "Thank you... Fuji-sempai..."

Fuji smiled at him a warm smile that he'd never seen on the tensai's face before. "You're most welcome Kaidoh-kun." The younger ended up staying the night, waking and feeling much better. The whole thing with Sakurai had felt like a dream until he reached the school where more dishonor had been done to him. All around the school rumors flew, pictures were posted, stares directed towards him when they thought he was not aware. But years of being teased had him trained towards such things though his shielding against such had fallen and it was all because of Sakurai. He was drained by the end of the day more than ready to just run and Fuji again came to his rescue. The tensai appeared at the gate dressed casually yet at the same time as if he was going towards a fancy restaurant. His insistent smile turned towards him as did his path change to Kaidoh alone.

"Kaoru! There you are!" He smiled at Kaidoh much like he did last night, "I was beginning to wonder if your teachers would ever let you go." The slight brunette leaned towards him when he got close enough his face keeping the smile but his voice dropping to where only Kaidoh could hear it. "Play along. Let them think you were the one to leave him and he's playing the scorned lover." And so he had played along even though the result could have caused him more damage. The taller boy threw his arm around his sempai's shoulder, called him by his first name intimately and walked off the school grounds. Constantly through the whole resulting chaos with Sakurai, Fuji was his companion and comfort. He became a fixture in Kaidoh's life once again, one he hadn't even realized he missed. The tensai was always there now; at his matches, during his runs, times when he wanted to be alone yet with others. Fuji was the one person that he couldn't seem to push away. And even he knew that it would be a while before he could let anyone else in. Fuji-sempai... he thought with a rare smile, Fuji-sempai will definitely be first on the list.


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December 2009



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