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Title: Holiday Times
Fandom: Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Oujisama
Rating: PG-13[?]
Characters: Fuji Syuusuke and Kaidoh Kaoru (FujiKai pairing)
Word Count: 1152
Theme: N/A
A/N: xD Umn. Between Invasion and Communication. I know I said it was finished but I was struck with the idea. LEAVE ME ALONE! ;A;

The final month of the year quickly coming to a close with all the holiday rush and crush. The stores and parking lots all a mess and no where near being done for that one special night before the end of it all. Breath hanging in the air one looks out and wonders will it snow on that day? Even if temperatures are very high one still longs for that white, fluffy water. Every child ever hopeful that winter break will be elongated by the cold powder. And even those who are always active soon wish as well for that halt in this chill time seeking a few days hibernation from the busy world around us. Standing water may freeze but the hearts of humans are warmed by the love brought out by this time of year. Help much needed is easily given, new friends and old gathering near. Yet deep in our hearts we all still know that the gifts we get make our days glow. Giving is good and nice but getting is a much more enjoyable vice.

Fuji is such a one who loves to get more than to give though his outward nature to others leaves nothing of that to appear. But as with his generous nature he gave no clue to others what to get him for the up-coming holidays. And often he wished it to be that way for he would rather use the money they gave him rather reluctantly for something entirely ridiculous in their eyes. Fuji saved every penny of that money given to him for one huge plan; snaring Kaidoh as his own. His crystalline blue eyes had been following the lanky, young man these past few years with a growing interest. And now that the younger had been free of Sakurai's company for some bitter years he was able to do just what he had wanted all along. He had played no hand in their relationship only strengthening his own with Kaidoh after the whole ordeal. The former tensai hummed softly as he continued to walk to the flat they had just moved into to "save money" as Fuji put it.

He smiled a little as he recalled how easily he manipulated the other into joining him there. Plus it had actually been closer to the new clinic Kaidoh was to work at than the apartment he had previously rented. Fuji put the relatively new key into the flat; unlocking it with the knowledge that Kaidoh was currently tucked away at work, leaving him time to get ready for tonight. Only there weren't supposed to be red rose petals strewn across the floor except by his own hand, which they were not. And the lights were still off, with candle flame dancing and leading the way, as well as a whole, white rose pointing towards their sleeping quarters. Fuji made an inquisitive noise as he slowly took off his shoes, his bags joining them a few seconds later. After making sure the door was secure he decided to satisfy his cat-like curiosity and followed the trail set out by the roses. At each turn or doorway another white rose was placed, perfect in every way with thorns intact.

Only they came to a stop at what was their storage room, the one room between their own separate bedrooms. Unused items and hideous gifts stored and forgotten within the confines of it yet when Fuji turned the cold knob he was surprised as it swung freely open. More candles and roses awaited his gaze as did a new bed in the middle of the cleaned room. Fuji frowned and walked in, looking around for the only person who could be the culprit. His voice was uncertain as he called out into the dim chamber, "Kaidoh? Are you in here?" His strained ears caught the sound of plastic rustling behind him and he turned to find Kaidoh staring at him rather strangely. "I'm sorry. Were you setting this up for someone?"

"Yes, actually I am..." Kaidoh moved into the room as well in his hands the bag Fuji had brought with him. The older man was surprised again as he finally saw what the other was wearing naught else but boxers, where as he was normally more conscious of showing skin. Fuji wondered in a numbed state of mind who exactly it was Kaidoh was setting it up for. And why Fuji didn't know about them at all, for there was no room in his mind to think it himself. Kaidoh stopped right in front of him leaving the former tensai no other place to look politely except up at the other. Again there was an expression in the younger's eyes that left him puzzled, especially the small smirk that now graced the other's sensual lips. "Though it seems they're a bit early." Green watched blue for the small fragment of time that it took for Fuji to understand exactly what it was Kaidoh had meant.

"You mean...this is for me?" Inwardly he was joyous, ecstatic, and wanting to grab what soon would be his. But his outward face and mask showed no further expression other than surprise.

Kaidoh nodded and stared down at him the look he now recognized as hope, as lust, as desire, want, and need. He hissed, something that was rare now and always treasured by Fuji, "That is if you'll have me."

How could he refuse the one that he'd been hunting down? A smile tugged at his lips, a true one, the first of many in their relationship. "I always have Kaidoh." His unusual eyes searched the more common coloring of the taller's as he smiled, realization now reaching Kaidoh. Another hiss filled the air as lips met in the cool air, breath no longer hanging in clouds about their forms. Kaidoh's arms wrapped around him as if he was scared Fuji might run or break, but the slighter's lips gave no quarter against his own. Teeth clashed against the others, lips bitten and sucked on as their tongues waged their own war. Though it seemed that Kaidoh would win that battle, it was Fuji who pulled away for the much needed air. The two stared at one another, before smiling and resting foreheads together, noses just touching. He wanted to stay this way forever, wrapped in the warm arms of someone who wanted him as much as he wanted them. Though something else was calling, "Na Kaidoh... What say you we try out that new bed?"

A possessive gleam came into the younger's eye, as well as a light of eagerness. "I say by all means, let's try it out." Again they kissed as he picked up the lighter and carried him to the red and white pedal strewn bed. And spilled on the floor from the plastic bag, a little gray kitten plushie with green eyes.


Title: Pushing Buttons
Fandom: Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Oujisama
Rating: PG
Characters: Fuji Syuusuke, Kaidoh Kaoru (KaiFuji)
Word Count: 1094
Theme: elevator buttons~ :D
A/N: Duuur. I didn't really mean for this to be so long. I really wanted to end it after Kaidoh's question to Fuji about pushing buttons. Buuuuut my muses decided it wasn't quite finished. So I dawdled a little bit more and finished it up~ Enjoy~

Fuji pressed the small dark button, lighting up the round spot in the wall; he could hear the gears start up yet the elevator was probably on the bottom floor while he was on the thirtieth. As far as the tensai knew he was the only one awake on this level, the top without touching the Presidential Suite. Although he knew this fact to be true he felt eyes upon him, familiar ones but he couldn't name them. He shrugged it off and continued to wait, the eyes came closer while he fought the urge to look. A long, tanned finger appeared in his peripheral vision, pressing the same button he had pressed earlier. He bristled slightly in irritation but didn't let it show, "Pressing the button more than once won't make it come any faster."

The body behind him radiated warmth that continued in the voice that replied, "But I like pushing buttons Fuji-senpai." Now identified as Kaidoh by the accompanying hiss he smiled just slightly, little did he know that his words could be taken a few different ways. "Senpai, why are you up this late?" The same voice broke through his thoughts, alerting him to the world about them.

Fuji smiled more and turned to face the taller boy just behind him, "A little midnight snack is all. I didn't want to wake Taka-san by calling for room service." The tensai clasped his hands behind his back and tilted his head slightly to the side as he looked up. "Might I ask the same of you dear kohai?" In the dim lighting of the hallway he was able to spy a small blush appear on Kaidoh's face at the word 'dear.' Any kind of word like that seemed to make him light up like a spotlight. Kaidoh looked off to the side, hissing in his own irritation at being Fuji's 'dear' anything so the brunette mused.

"The same. I wanted another water bottle. But Inui-senpai was going to make it 'healthier.'" Behind him the smooth doors glided open with a soft hiss, Fuji stepped backwards into the small, enclosed space. A smile pulled at his lips and he allowed it as he felt his back bump into the wall.

"I would do the same in your own place I suppose. Inui's concoctions can be a tad much this late at night. Though..." Fuji opened his eyes as Kaidoh followed him in a little too quickly, "If Inui was still awake, why didn't you just call for room service?"

"I wanted to walk a little before bed." Kaidoh took up only a small fraction of the space in the elevator, but it felt like a lot more. Feeling a tad threatened Fuji let loose some of the dangerous aura he kept for the courts. Kaidoh gave no indication that he noticed the change in the box as he pushed the small button for the first floor. Fuji simply smiled and leaned back against the wall more, watching his kohai warily. Again such a statement made sense and was well within what Kaidoh would do if pressed into an uncomfortable corner. A small doubt crept into him, one that said ever so softly that he wouldn't escape from here at least a little unharmed. The doors closed behind the lanky boy, leaving them cut off from the rest of the world and any prying eyes. A jerk announced the machinery's decision to move towards the pre-programmed floor, downward at a somewhat slow pace.

Fuji closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the wall as he hummed along with the somewhat annoying elevator music. He was unprepared for the box held up only by cables to come to a shuddering hault and was barely able to grab a hold of the side bars going around the perimeter. Blue flew open to meet glittering black, out the corner of his eyes he noticed Kaidoh's long fingers leaving the emergency stop button. Fuji sucked in a surprised breath and tightened his grip on the metal bars, "Now why...did you push that?"

Kaidoh smirked, something Fuji did not know he'd do willingly, "As I said senpai, I like pushing buttons." The five foot space between them shrank as the younger closed the distance. The tensai straightened yet continued to hold the bar for support as he looked up at Kaidoh, barely a few inches between them. His voice rumbled in an arousing way, teasingly, "Am I pushing your buttons yet senpai?" Up so close that smirk that once looked so foreign on his face seemed right at home, and it looked so good. Fuji felt cornered even though escape was easily accessible, what would he do when trapped like this? He shivered as a chill went down his spine, Kaidoh's hand gently cupping his cheek. He let his eyes glance towards it for a moment and in that small space of time he was unprepared for Kaidoh moving closer still. Blue flicked upwards once more to find him almost close enough to kiss.

Fuji licked his lips as he met that questioning and heated gaze pressing down upon his own. "I think you know the answer to that Kaidoh..." His own voice sounded strange to his ears, lower and a bit husky. The tensai closed the small distance and kissed Kaidoh, softly at first to see if his presence would be welcome. Not only did Kaidoh not pull away he deepened the kiss, pushing the smaller boy back into the wall of the elevator, kissing him harder and almost branding him. A brief moment and tongues danced and darted into the dark corners of the other's mouth, searching for a new place to hide. Kaidoh tasted tangy and sharp, deliciously different and intoxicating. And yet it was all over in an instant, the elevator jarred once more beneath them, a warning that they were once again on the move down. The two separated and eyed one another warily, curiosity wanting to overtake and try this kissing thing again. Fuji smirked and licked his lips again, "Not a midnight snack, but it will do."

Across from him Kaidoh returned the smirk, his fingertips just under his own lips, "Really? I do think I'm still thirsty." Behind him a ding and the hiss of the doors opening again. "Though it seems I'll have to quench it later." He sided up to Fuji, hands reaching and grasping the other's hand. Fuji bowed his head and smiled as he squeezed it, I like it when he pushes my buttons...


FujiKai - cactus and snake

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