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Wake up dead comm

Title: Good Luck
Fandom: Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Oujisama
Rating: PG
Characters: Fuji Syuusuke, Kaidoh Kaoru (budding/unrequited KaiFuji)
Word Count: 1208
Theme: Post-it Notes
A/N: .....Between Invasion and Holiday Time. ihu

"Have you seen my attaché Fuji-san?" The tensai lifted his head as his former kohai called from his bedroom. The briefcase in question was in fact in Fuji's hands at the moment open for some mischief already completed. The gold snaps were shut just before the taller man appeared in the doorway, eyebrow raised at the sight, "Fuji-san what are you doing with it?"

He smiled beguilingly as Kaidoh walked towards him, "I'm doing nothing with it. I just did find it on the coffee table." Fuji picked it up by the handle and offered it to his roommate, "Here, you'll be late to class as it is." Kaidoh stared at him a few moments longer before taking the brown case with both hands. "Go on Kaidoh-kun. Can't keep your students waiting." Much to his own personal delight the rather anti-social man was guest speaking at the veterinarian class about his own personal experiences in the field. It had taken much work on his own part to get Kaidoh to even agree to do this and even more to get him to call the instructor back. The taller man nodded and headed towards the door, the straight posture of his back and shoulders told Fuji he was already in his professional mode. "Have a good day!"

All he got was a backward wave as the door shut behind Kaidoh then the sneaky tensai was left alone in their apartment. "Saa..." Fuji chuckled and went back into his room to grab the pad of sticky notes already decimated and a blue pen. A third of the yellow papers had managed to worm their way into various lecture notes and answers Kaidoh had worked on yesterday on his day off. All had various wishes of good luck and other tid-bits on speaking situations for the nervous and easily flustered. Granted Kaidoh had come a long way from the shy and stumbling lad he had known in middle school. Was a far cry from the withdrawn and suddenly depressed teenager he had rescued in high school. He had hoped and succeeded in turning his former kohai into a person who was expressive with what he loved, not afraid to show others who that person was.

Mind distracted his fingers continued to write notes, leaving them in various places Kaidoh visited when he finally came home for the day. 'Have I told you I'm proud of you? I am' went on the handlebar of one of his dumbbells. Another saying 'Easier than a match with Echizen hm?' was placed on a bottle of shampoo. Fuji started to write one that said 'I like you' but he shook his head and added an R going on to finish it with 'determination.' That alone would pull a blush and hiss out of the old Kaidoh he thought as he placed it on his dresser, now it would just bring a smirk if he was lucky. It just wasn't the same...teasing him, sneaking pictures, placing a hand on his arm or leg. The tensai sighed as he placed the last note, 'Great job Kaidoh', on the younger man's pillow. A crumpled 'I'm not quite sure but I think I love you' in his hand Fuji left the room, shutting the door behind him.

He made his way slowly to his room where he tossed the yellow paper in the trash and picked up his camera. It would pass the time until Kaidoh got his break and bothered the brunette about the notes. Fuji chuckled his cheerful mood back into place as he slipped out the front door, footsteps taking him down the familiar paths to his hideaway. The perfect location in a semi-busy area to take pictures of people without being seen, stared at, or yelled at for taking their pictures. No one but he and a few friends saw the finished print so there was normally no issue. He was in luck, his first subjects being a young couple so into each other that there was little care for the others around them. A gentle smile tugged at his lips as the young man blushed and blundered along while she laughed at his actions. What would it like to have a love like that, to be so close and hold someone like that. Have them love you and want to hold you like that, so close.

The couple moved on and so did his thoughts, so did time. Lunch came and passed with his phone silent all the while until he finally noticed the sky growing orange and darker. Fuji sighed and looked reluctantly at the scene below, his batteries were dying anyways and he didn't have the equipment for night shooting. Yet something nagged at him until he pulled his phone out to see if he had missed a message. He had missed much more than that, he had missed the low battery beep from his phone and it had died while he was feeding his creative muse. Saa...I wonder what he has to say then. The thought amused him until he got to the door, the moment of truth lay behind it and he opened the door to find out what it was.

Kaidoh stood there near the kitchen entryway with what looked like all of the sticky notes in his hand. He had looked up at the door opening and was now looking away from Fuji, away from the notes. "Sorry Kaidoh-kun," he smiled as if nothing at all had occurred and took off his shoes, "My phone died and I didn't notice the time. I'll go get started on dinner as soon as I put my camera away." He walked past the taller man slowly, taking in his reactions to his own movement. Kaidoh moved back slightly into the kitchen as Fuji walked although there was plenty of room between them. "How did the lectures go?" He stopped beside him, looked up expectantly yet got nothing out of him. "...That bad? It's alright. Your next one will be better." A small smile to one who still did not look at him but he started moving again towards his room. "I'm still proud of you for going out there. For putting yourself out."

A lone hiss sounded behind him, his own smile melancholy as he placed the camera on his desk and plugged his phone in to charge. A door shut nearby and he sighed as he left his own room, knowing very well that he wouldn't see Kaidoh again until dinner was complete. Fuji turned and started walking out of his room but stopped when he noticed a yellow note on his own door. "Hello there... I don't remember putting one here." He plucked it from its place and smiled softly as he read the curvy script written on it, "'Thank you Fuji-san. It went well.'" Fuji pocketed the note and continued on to the kitchen, hoping he had enough ingredients for Kaidoh's favorite meal. And although he had noticed the note on his door his quick eyes had not seen the crumpled one in his trash can was missing. Or the blush that covered Kaidoh's face as he entered the kitchen and set the table for that night's meal.


Title: Far From Broken
Fandom: Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Oujisama
Rating: STRONG PG-13 for blood and shit
Characters: Fuji Syuusuke & Kaidoh Kaoru (Maybe starting KaiFuji?)
Word Count: 590
Theme: N/A
A/N: Beaten and bloody Fuji. Broken too so a bit of crack.

The first thing he noticed was pins and needles dancing along his spine, it hurt. Just like the rest of him. The cold held off most of the pain but still he knew where he was hurt though not how badly. They'd come late at night while he was walking home to punish him for disillusioning the people with his pictures of the truth. A short and harsh laugh tore his raw throat, he had still won. He was still alive. He would not give up this battle.

Eyes opening for the first time, one not working the way it should. Broken fingers made an inquisitive search of the area feeling clotted blood and swollen flesh. More twinges of pain racing to his brain from just those few movements. Quickly he started blocking it out knowing the only way he'd be able to get help was to block it and become unfeeling. With his remaining sight he looked over his battered body; bruises and cuts covering the majority though his knee was worst than the rest. Briefly his mind flitted to memories of his childhood, a match with a curly-haired boy that had ruined that knee before.

Along with those memories came the fire he needed, anger still from that match long ago arose and gave him strength to move. Shaky arms pushed the heavy weight of his body upward, still it cried in pain and agony. He ignored it. Focusing on objects was hard, almost impossible, yet he found his camera a few paces away. Broken. Shattered. Another laugh, longer and maniacally as he rose to an awkward stand. Tears slid out and down his face with the wind blowing harshly through the dim alley. He stilled, feeling no comfort of his hair on his neck. Again trembling fingers made their way to inquire, finding long strands gone. A memory. Left in his mind with the short locks beginning to implant themselves on top.

Gone was the laugh. Replaced with a heart-heavy sob. Almost. Almost they had broken him. Slowly the sadness and pain turned and changed into anger and the drive for revenge. Changing. Changing again to the strength he needed to move, thoughts and plans of revenge getting pushed back to simmer and cool. Right now he needed help and revenge always tasted better after time and thought went into the plans. A step. Another. It hurt, oh god it hurt. More pain from his back and legs, thoughts denying how far they went. Stiffness had begun to set in, freezing up his body with the help of the cold winter wind. It was snowing as he stepped out into the lighter streets. He didn't make it far before he simply fell again, impartial bodies moving around him, un-helping.

And the artist in him couldn't believe, here was the perfect picture opportunity. And yet he was without a camera and without a shot. Again the crazy laughter rose through his voiceless throat, scaring a few from walking near. He rose and walked on, leaving pain and anger behind, walked on into a form. Waking from his laughing stupor the remaining blue eye looked up with fire his body could barely contain anymore. Kind black eyes looked down at him, in them shock and horror at what had been done yet understanding for what he had done. No words between them, just a warm blanket covering his battered form and air beneath his feet as he was carried to the nearest clinic. He knew. His savior. And he would make them pay.



So I know I've read both of these from you already, but I don't care. The first is still incredibly cute~ ;D Post-it note confessions make me happy! :) And the second is... so completely opposite -- sad and dark and angry and TT__TT

\o/ You rock!

lol I still hate you for all the things for post-it notes. ♥

The second... -stares at it- idk I like breaking Fuji too much.
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